Open Access Research

Open access means readers around the world have unrestricted access to scientific knowledge. One way scientific knowledge is disseminated is through peer reviewed scholarly journals. Most publishers of print journals own the rights to the articles in their journals, so readers must pay to access or use those articles in any way. The internet as a medium for disseminating knowledge has expanded the world of academic publishing to include open access journals. Open access journals are free online scholarly research publications. Rather than charging readers, open access journals receive a publication fee from authors to provide unrestricted access to their cutting edge research.

ASRA open access journals are free to readers and peer reviewed to maintain research integrity. Our journals promote collaboration between national and international scholars and reduce the cost of publication while expanding the scope of distribution. ASRA believes scholars should have the option to publish their work in open access journals, and many countries require scholars to make publicly-funded research open access. The ability to accelerate scientific practice has created exciting opportunities as well as unique challenges. ASRA is committed to investing in opportunities to provide a greater service to our authors, readers, and the scientific community, as well as to explore ways to address challenges associated with research misconduct.