Information for Authors

ASRA accepts the following types of manuscripts:
Type of Manuscript

ASRA will only accept manuscripts demonstrating responsible conduct of research. As such, authors are expected to be precise, truthful, and objective and adhere to our editorial criteria. Manuscripts should be original and not have been published previously. If a paper has been published by other journals or presented in conferences, authors should have explicit permission to publish it in our journals and be prepared to provide any necessary verification. Manuscripts should be in English.

Authors retain copyright of work published in ASRA journals per our copyright and liability disclaimer. ASRA helps facilitate authors’ copyright to content and accessibility to readers by maintaining an author database. This database includes our authors’ bios, contact information, and publications. The database also allows other scholars to contact you if they want to provide feedback or even collaborate on a project. If authors want to utilize this service they must help us by making sure their information is current and accurate. Authors can email ASRA editorial staff at with updates.  

Original Research and Communications

Authors must submit original research articles and communications on our article template in a Microsoft Word .doc file. Authors must also submit a cover letter with their manuscript and may recommend up to three reviewers in the cover letter attachment. Click on the link below for our paper template and cover letter.

Paper Template and Cover Letter

These manuscripts should include an abstract, keywords, text, tables, footnotes, appendices, and references. Authors should follow an accepted documentation style and be consistent throughout their papers. Plagiarism is an unethical act of intellectual dishonesty. ASRA will not be responsible for any plagiarism done intentionally or unintentionally by authors.

All of our journals are open access. ASRA charges a small fee to cover publication costs once a submission has been reviewed and accepted. The publication fee for an original research article is U.S. $100. Shorter communications are U.S. $50. It is not our policy to pay authors.

Review Articles, Perspectives, and Letters to the Editor

These manuscripts must also be submitted as a Microsoft Word .doc file. Review articles and perspectives should follow the above paper template. However, a cover letter is not necessary. These submissions are FREE and do not require a publication fee, but they must still meet ASRA editorial criteria.

Editing Services

ASRA offers editing services to authors for various article types and sources.