Editing Services

Get your paper ready for publishing. Native English speakers at the master’s and doctorate level will edit your paper for language and style.

Papers are not required to be published in ASRA journals. We edit for a variety of article types and sources. If you need editing services to submit a quality manuscript to another journal or to publish in any other medium, ASRA can help. We also edit papers submitted to any of our journals.

What editing services does ASRA provide?
•English language editing, including punctuation, grammar, and spelling
•Manuscript formatting (if style guide is provided)
•Changes tracked in Word document for authors to easily accept or reject
•Word use errors and suggested rephrasing
•Plagiarism check

Send your paper to Editor@ASRAresearch.org today for one of the following services:

ASRA charges per word, including but not limited to titles, the body of the paper, references, tables, and appendices. There is a 50% discount on papers submitted for a second round of editing. There is a $70 fee for expedited services.