About Us

ASRA is an American open access publisher. ASRA publishes rigorously reviewed open access journals available online to readers around the world. Open access journals promote collaboration between national and international scholars and reduce the cost of publication while expanding the scope of distribution.

Scholars can maximize the impact of their research through ASRA journals. We are committed to making scholarly research endeavors more efficient by exploring innovative ways to publish. ASRA is a new publisher and charges a small fee to cover publication costs once a submission has been reviewed and accepted. Although our journals are still in launch phase, our ASRA Values guide the way we do business to provide authors and readers with quality publications.

ASRA Values

ASRA Values


ASRA journals are free and available to readers around the world. By making research more accessible, open access journals lead to greater public enrichment and improved education, particularly for students in institutions unable to pay subscription fees. We also view accessibility in terms of our availability to you. We are here to assist with the full range of services ASRA has to offer.


ASRA appreciates scholars’ efforts and dedication to making meaningful contributions to their fields. We are here to make research endeavors more efficient by facilitating an alternative publishing process that benefits both authors and readers. Peer reviewers validate research methodology and check for overall integrity. ASRA ensures authors receive reviewers’ comments in a timely manner.


When scholars submit their manuscripts for publication in an ASRA journal, they trust that we respect their rights and take every action we can to protect those rights. In order to provide quality service and protect our authors, ASRA continuously works to implement best practices to address copyright and plagiarism issues.


ASRA accepts full responsibility for its actions and strives to adhere to the OASPA Code of Conduct. We believe transparency is crucial. Information for authors, ranging from publication fees to reviewer qualifications, is available on our website. We welcome feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve.